Quality in every aspect of our business:

Quality during our contact moments, quality of our logistics, quality of our products and packaging and quality of our after sales services.

We take it seriously and understand how important the distinguishing power is in comparison to our competitors. There is a big choice of suppliers, so we want you to slowly gradually get used to all of our quality aspects so that you will clearly see the benefits of cooperating with us.

That's why we are proud to say that nearly all of our products have been re-cleaned locally to a 99,99 % purity.

Sure, at first sight it increases the purchase cost, but imagine that you always receive your goods on time, neatly packed in new paperbags, nicely stacked on quality pallets, well wrapped with foil and labeled according your instructions. Wouldn't your warehouse employees be thankful?

And then imagine that the product you receive is always 99,99 %; foreign admixture reduced to its maximum. No complaints, no returns, no paperwork. Agreed Certificates of Analysis send to your quality department in advance. Wouldn't your quality employees be thankful?

Up-to-date market information and adequate forecasts on international commodity markets: we keep you informed. Correct pricing and a wide range of products in Pulses, Seeds & Grains – organic & conventional. Our high quality standards will bring you very satisfied customers, no returns, no complaints. Wouldn't your purchase and sales managers be thankful?

Just in Time deliveries and long term contracts on call-off with fix pricing, resulting in reduced own stocks and blocked capital. Standard High Quality means WE GUARANTEE NO AFTER SALES COSTS for re-packing, returns, administration and no time consuming follow up on complaints. Wouldn't your finance department be thankful?

We are convinced, and many of our customers with us, that a slightly higher initial purchase price for a re-cleaned product means a lower Total Cost of Ownership in the end.

And it's our goal to convince you as well!