We stand for quality in all aspects of Beanworks Seeds & Grains. During our contact moments with partners, in our logistics. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and packaging, as well as during our after sales services.

Beanworks Seeds & Grains takes quality very seriously and understands how important it is in setting us apart from our competitors. There is a considerable choice of suppliers; This is why we want you to gradually get used to all our quality aspects, so seeing what we at Beanworks Seeds & Grains can mean for your business and the benefits Beanworks Seeds & Grains can bring.

That’s why we are proud to say that nearly all our products have been re-cleaned locally to a 99,99% purity. During our process we make sure that you will always receive your products on time, neatly packed and on quality pallets labeled according your instructions.

The product you will receive is always 99,99% with foreign admixtures reduced to the bare minimum. Your Quality department will receive Agreed Certificates of Analysis in advance. We will always inform you about market information and adequate forecasts on international commodity markets, that’s up-to-date. Our high quality standards will give you correct and fair pricing for a wide range of organic and conventional products.

Beanworks Seeds & Grains

Beanworks Seeds & Grains strives for a long-term cooperation and promotes a ‘farm gate to diner’s plate’-strategy for the benefit of each of us.

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Schaarbeekstraat 42
9120 Melsele (Belgium)

Telephone: +32 3 296 9000
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Email: info@beanworks.eu