In the first place Beanworks is a real partner for every customer and every supplier, not just another link in the supply chain. Beanworks adds value in every step it takes, thinking together with its partners, providing custom made solutions and always looking ahead towards the future trends. 

At Beanworks, we find it our duty to monitor global markets on a daily basis, from China to Russia, Argentina to Canada. We tend to notice any change in the market and inform our partners accordingly. We are not only the ears and eyes, but are proud to be the hands and brains as well for your sourcing, logistics and quality requirements. 

Beanworks strives for a long-term cooperation and promotes a 'farm gate to diner's plate'-strategy for the benefit of each of us.

So, how do we work?

  1. We determine the target cost together by distracting the required margin from the anticipated market price, rather than simply reducing the cost, which inevitably hurts someone in the supply chain.
  2. We work collaboratively with all our partners - downstream and upstream.
  3. We always make sure we have back up.
  4. We are focusing on long-term benefits rather than short-term margins.
  5. Prevention rather than solution by guaranteeing a perfect quality every single time without compromise.
  6. Stringent monitoring of logistics and informing pro-actively.
  7. Being proud of ourselves, year after year.


BEANWORKS specialists in the Pulse, Grain and Bakery Ingredients industry. Conventional and Organic certified.


  • Global Network and Partnerships
  • Multi Origin sourcing
  • Multi Quality Sourcing according to customers' needs
  • Custom made Products and services
  • Processor
  • Packer
  • Exporter
  • Partner of all our Customers
  • Organic specialist